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  • Regular Course (Student visa):Application Procedures

    Course/Term/Maximum students

    YMCA Tokyo Japanese Language School’s Regular Course (Student visa) is divided into 5 different classes. Regular course will start in April, January, July and October with the maximum of 100 students.

    Course Term Maximum
    1 year course(12 month) April/July/October/January 100
    1 year and 3 months course(15 month)
    1 year and half course(18 month)
    1 year and 9 months course(21 month)
    2 years course(24 month)

    Application term / Admission eligibility

    Please note that deadline for application is different depending on which term you apply.
    ※Even if your application arrives before the deadline, we are unable to accept and process for admission: 1) if the number of applications exceeds the number of seats 2) if your application is incomplete. Thank you for your understanding.

    Application term Admission eligibility
    For April term 1st.September~10th.November of the previous year. Required to finish 12 years of schooling in your country.
    For July term 1st.December of the previous year~27th.February of the same year.
    For October term 16th.March~15th.May of the same year.
    For January term 1st.June~31st.August of the previous year.

    Tuition and fee

    Course Registration Fee Tuition Fee Facility Fee Total
    1 year course (12 month) 50,000yen 640,000yen 40,000yen 730,000yen
    1 year and 3 months
    (15 month)
    800,000yen 50,000yen 900,000yen
    1 year and half course
    (18 month)
    960,000yen 60,000yen 1,070,000yen
    1 year and 9 months
    (21 month)
    1,120,000yen 70,000yen 1,240,000yen
    2 year course (24 month) 1,280,000yen 80,000yen 1,410,000yen
    • It has to pay selection charges when you make application. (20,000yen) No repayment as for any kind of case.
    • The other expenses are textbook, document charges (about 20,000yen per a year.), extracurricular activities and premium in addition to the tuition and fee.
    • Do not repay the tuition fees after the payment. Except for in the case of you cannot get the residence qualification certificate.
    • As a fundamental rule, we require a year’s Tuition Fee up front
    • All Bank Transfer Fees will be borne by the student

    Admission Reduction/Exemption of Entrance Fee

    Students who have passed N1, N2, N3, N4, N5 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test‐Entrance fee 50,000yen → 0yen

    For Christian Workers – a Reduced Tuition Fee System

    We run a Reduced Tuition Fee System for Christian Workers, such as Ministers, Missionaries and Evangelists, etc. Please contact us for further details.

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