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    ※In order to prepare for renovation and repair work on the building, we will temporarily suspend the recruitment of students from April 2023 onwards.
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    YMCA Tokyo Japanese Language School Scholarship

    Scholarship recipient selection takes place every 3 months.Eligibilities are as follows:

    • 奨学金Students who have studied at YMCA Tokyo Japanese Language School for 3 months or longer
    • Students who has the college student visa
    • Students with a perfect attendance (with no tardiness and no leaving early)
    • Students with excellent grades(total scores on tests, homework, and other assignments)
    • Well-behaved students(in class behavior and good student life)


    We will discontinue scholarship when

    • students withdraw or get dismissed from the program 
    • ※students’ attendance is 85% or lower without having legitimate reasons

    Monbukagakusho Scholarship

    Those students who plan to enter university in Japan are eligible to apply for the Monbukagakusho Scholarship.

    Eligible students are as follows:

    • Students with the college student visa
    • Students who are studying Japanese in order to enter university


    Every year at the end of April, YMCA Tokyo Japanese Language School will recommend a student for scholarship.
    If the student gets selected, at the end of June he or she will be given 48,000 yen every month for 12 months.