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  • Japanese 3 month Course : Application Procedures


    Level Days Hours Duration
    Beginner Mon – Fri 9:00 am ~1:00 pm
    (4 hours / 20 hours a week)
    Aril term:4/8 ~ 6/24
    July term:7/3 ~ 9/27
    October term : 10/10 ~ 12/20
    January term : 1/9 ~ 3/24, 2020

    ※Even if your application arrives before the deadline, we are unable to accept and process for admission: 1) if the number of applications exceeds the number of seats 2) if your application is incomplete. Thank you for your understanding. 

    Tuition(April term & July term, 2019)

    Entrance Fee Tuition Fee(3 month) Total
    10,000yen 140,000yen 150,000yen

    Tuition(October term, 2019~)

    Entrance Fee Tuition Fee(3 month) Total
    10,000yen 160,000yen 170,000yen

    ※Extra costs include text books, field trips, etc.
    ※For those who enter in the middle of the term, tuition will be reduced.
    ※You can enter in units a month.
    ※Once the payment has been made, it will not be refunded.

    Short-term/Working Holiday Reduced Tuition Fee Campaign

    A Tuition Fee Reduction Campaign

    [April & July term, 2019]
    Entrance Fee: 10,000yen ⇒ 0yen
    Tuition Fee, Facility Fee 140,000yen ⇒ 135,000yen

    [October term, 2019~]
    Entrance Fee: 10,000yen ⇒ 0yen

    ※This is only applicable when tuition fees are paid three months in advance.
    ※Only applicable when student is living in Japan.

    Details of the course

    April term & July term, 2019

    October term, 2019 & January term, 2020


    ※Students with prior experience of learning Japanese are welcome at all times
    ※Classes will be determined after the level test.

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